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Senior CommUnity Care of Michigan is a comprehensive health care choice for seniors living in Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties and bordering areas of adjacent counties and is a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, also called PACE.

Senior CommUnity Care of Michigan is for:

  • Seniors who want to live at home but need support.
  • Caregivers caring for elders living at home.
  • Health professionals who want to help elders living at home remain at home.

As a PACE Provider, Senior CommUnity Care of Michigan helps people live independently at home with a high quality of life. Senior CommUnity Care of Michigan and PACE provide health care in the home and community to older adults who would otherwise live in nursing homes. Learn more about PACE on our Services page.

Senior CommUnity Care of Michigan is a service of Volunteers of America. VOA is a respected nonprofit, faith-based organization. Nationwide, VOA helps nearly two million people every year through health services and programs for children, teens, adults, and entire families.

The PACE Health Center

The PACE Health Center is an important part of Senior CommUnity Care of Michigan. Here, older adults receive health care, nutritious meals and participate in activities with others so they can remain active, socialize and make new friends. The Center offers one location where doctors, nurses and other health care professionals can deliver treatment and monitor a participant’s health.

The Center is open Monday-Friday 8AM to 5PM.

Our Team

Our staff creates a personal health care plan for every participant in order to help monitor changes in health care needs. It also helps manage all health care services and provides support for clients in the home and our Center. In addition to our directors, doctors, and nurses, our extended team includes personal care providers, home health providers, occupational and physical therapists, social workers, activity staff, dietitians, drivers, and spiritual counselors.

Ken portrait

Ken Robbins


Ken Robbins is the Executive Director of Senior CommUnity Care PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) and oversees the program with operation in Ingham, Clinton, and Eaton counties. Ken graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelors and masters in business management. Ken has been with Senior CommUnity Care PACE since January of 2020.

Stephanie Wicker portrait

Stephanie Wicker


Stephanie joined the SCCMI team in July of 2017 as one of our master social workers before taking the role of lead social worker in 2020. At the end of 2021, Stephanie stepped in to assist SCCMI as interim Center Director before taking the role full time in early 2022. Stephanie’s journey working with the senior community began in college when she accepted a position as a CNA at a local senior living community. It was through this experience she realized her passion for helping the senior population and their loved ones through some of their most difficult times. Stephanie received her Bachelor’s degree and Masters in Social Work from Michigan State University.

Becca House


It has been my pleasure to serve the local community since August 2018 when I initially joined the PACE family as the Enrollment Specialist. I graduated in 2016 from Baker College with my Bachelor’s Degree. I then decided to further my education by pursuing my Master’s Degree in Gerontology, where I was able to focus my studies even more on the older adult population & the aging process. In 2019 I completed my degree path & graduated from Capella University. After graduating & before joining PACE, I have had the opportunity to work in various Human Services settings, including senior centers, adult day care, and the Disability Network.

Jerry Wilborn, MD, FCCP


Dr. Wilborn is a nationally-renowned Post-Acute Provider, who has been
a Leader and Healthcare Entrepreneur and Executive in the Post-Acute industry
for more than 30 years. He is passionate about delivering outcomes-focused
care for seniors in the PACE residential environment.

  • M.D. from Washington University St. Louis
  • Internal Medicine, University of Chicago
  • Pulmonary / Critical Care at University of Michigan
Chaplain photo

Dante Rodriguez


My name is Dante Rodriguez and I am the Chaplain at Senior CommUnity Care of Michigan PACE. As a Chaplain I want to provide a safe environment for conversation. I am here to support our participants as well as their families through conversation, prayer and relationship. As a Chaplain I want you to understand that you are valued and seen and together we can face whatever comes our way. I meet with participants at the Day Center on a one on one basis or as a group for our daily Bible Study. I can also meet in participant’s places of residence if needed. I am available to talk when changes in life occur, when grief strikes deep, when fear and anxiety are at the door or when you just want to talk music, sports or the weather. Everyone has a story to tell and I want to hear your story.


PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) delivers all needed medical and supportive services. The program provides the entire spectrum of care and services to seniors with chronic care needs while maintaining their independence in their homes for as long as possible.

The PACE model of care can be traced to the early 1970s. The Chinatown-North Beach community of San Francisco saw the pressing needs of families whose elders had immigrated from Italy, China and the Philippines for long-term care services. On Lok Senior Health Services, a nonprofit corporation, was the first to create a community-based system of care in San Francisco.

There are over 100 PACE providers like Senior CommUnity Care of Michigan nationwide.

The average PACE program participant is 77 years old, has 7.9 medical conditions and is limited in roughly three activities of daily living. Despite a high level of care needs, more than 95 percent of PACE participants are able to continue to live in the community.

PACE serves people who are age 55 or older, Who live in our service area and meet the State of Michigan criteria for nursing home level of care. They must also be able to live safely in the community with PACE services.

Please visit our PACE Center in Lansing to inquire about eligibility, services and becoming a participant. For our location, please see our Services section. You can also call our PACE Enrollment Coordinator Mandy Brand at 517-319-0681.

Yes. If a person meets the income and assets limits to qualify for Medicaid, the program pays for a portion of the monthly PACE premium. Medicare pays for the rest. If a person does not qualify for Medicaid, he or she is responsible for the portion of the monthly premium Medicaid would pay. PACE staff can help determine a person’s Medicaid eligibility.

Yes. We provide transportation to and from the PACE Center. Not only is transportation provided between the participant’s home and the Center, but also to important medical appointments and other activities.

No. The average participant attends the Center about three days a week.

We offer all heath care related services based on individualized needs, allowing the participant ability to continue living in the community, cost savings and much more. For a complete list of services that Senior CommUnity Care of Michigan provides, please visit our Services section.

Yes. All prescription and over-the-counter drugs deemed necessary by the PACE care team are covered by Senior CommUnity Care of Michigan.

Not at this time. When a person enrolls in Senior CommUnity Care of Michigan, he or she is assigned a primary care physician who is part of a care team skilled in treating older adults. This primary care physician works with the team to coordinate all services a participant receives.

We support your family members and other caregivers with training, support groups and respite care. This helps families keep their loved ones in the community.

A participant is free to dis-enroll from our program and resume their benefits in the traditional Medicare and Medicaid programs at any time.

You can volunteer at our PACE Health Center. Contact us at 517.319.0700 for details.

And we would love to hear your feedback.

Please take a few minutes and leave us an online review. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Our mission is to surround you with the care you need, to remain in the home you love.


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