Board member, Caleb Jackson

Contact: Nicholle Granger

February 1, 2022 Lanham, MD

Caleb Jackson has been a member of our VOACC Board of Directors since 2019 and has been serving as Co-Vice Chairman since June 2021. However, he has been serving others for a lot longer.

While getting his degree in Political Science and Government from Howard University, he established the non-profit, Operation: Help The People, which personally impacted the lives of over 40,000 individuals across Jamaica, Haiti and the U.S.

Today as founder of Lion Development in Baltimore, Maryland he his helping people again by building student-centered housing.

We asked Caleb a few questions:

What about VOACC inspired you first to join the Board of Directors?

When I was winding down my active role in Operation Help The People, I was looking for an opportunity to serve the community from a different angle. My business coach invited me to Harvest for Hope, and I met Russel Snyder. Russ then asked me to join the Board, and I couldn't refuse. It has been a fulfilling experience. I have two goals in my life, meaningful work and meaningful relationships; VOA allows me to have both.

What are you looking forward to the most in your role on the Board? What are your goals?

I look forward to the diversity of people that I get to interact with at VOA. I enjoy meeting diverse people. My goal is to have a meaningful impact during my tenure at VOA. I am focusing more on impacting the organization's affordable housing side since it aligns with my day-to-day work.

What does being "Called to Care" mean to you personally?

There is much more to life than focusing solely on economic output. Being called to care means using your skills to help others in society and lift while you climb.

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